Thursday, May 01, 2008

Doctors Visit and Grace

Today we had a doctors visit for Olivia's two month check up. When Dr. H walked in she came over to Olivia and said, "Hey Cheeky, Cheeky!". Which cracked me up because that is what I call her. How can one not call her that with her big old cheeks?! She was awesome at her appointment. She weighed in at 12lbs 2ozs and was 24 1/2 inches long. That put her in the 85th percentile for weight and a little over 95th for height. Again I don't remember what her head measured but it was in the 50th percentile. She received three shots and one oral vaccine. She was very sad about the shots and had big old tear stains on her shirt when we left.

When Dr. H came to visit Olivia in the hospital at birth, she found a hernia about an inch above Olivia's belly button. It wasn't that noticeable except when she cried. She told us that these type of hernias don't close up on there on and she would probably need surgery in a few years. But today when Dr. H checked on the hernia she couldn't find it. She thinks it actually did close up on it own!!! She will keep checking for it but right now it is GREAT news!

Olivia with her first band-aids.

Grace is two years and a that a such age? Anyways she continues to change all the time so I thought I would update a little on her. She continues to be a "two year old". I diffidently know where the terrible twos come from. She wants to be very independent but their are just some things a toddler should not do on her own. She can lock and unlock doors, including the deadbolt. I have only caught her twice leaving the house and once locking Chad out of the house. She can also get in the fridge on her own and will stand on a chair to get things off the counter or pantry she wants to eat. If she is quiet it is a sure sign she is into something she shouldn't be. She is learning to tell little white lies. The other day when I came out of the room she was eating something that was little, dark and round. I asked her what it was and she told me a grape. From a far it looked like a grape so I was going to let it go until she ran away from me as I got closer. So I decided to investigate. It wasn't a grape it was a little chocolate ball. And then just this week she passed gas as we were watching TV. We always kind of make a joke of it (I don't care how old you are, when someone lets one go in front of you it is still funny). So I asked her who tooted. She told it was Anna. WHAT!?!? She is already blaming her gas on others? Where does she get this from? Grace is talking up a storm. My favorite lines from her are "I do it", "I want to see", "Where are you?" and "I'm coming". New words and sentences come out of her mouth daily. When we are in the car she always wants to know where we are going so she will just list out places until I tell her. She also must know who I am on the phone with. Her first guess is always Aunt KK. When I tell her who it is she always says, "Oh". She says, "Umm", alot too. If you ask her what she wants to eat she will say with a delay, "Umm", then answers. She now tells you when she is hungry or thirsty and always ask for milk. But once you go to pour the milk she changes her mind. Her favorite drink is sweet tea. She isn't as good of a player in the house as she use to be. She wants to be up under me or her daddy majority of the time. When she does play her favorite things are her babies, her kitchen, a ball or anything outside. She continues to love her baby sister and is so sweet when she talks to her. We are done with her paci and it has been a very smooth transition. She is very stubborn when we ask her to do something. She has visited the time out chair many times and even gotten a spanking or two. The one thing that we are really working on is the word NO. If we ask her to get something, stop an action, come to us, etc. and she doesn't want to she will tell us no. Not a habit we want to continue. I am thinking we are going to need to invest in the book, "The strong willed child". She can now count to twenty with few prompts and loves to spell words although nothing is spelt correctly. She loves to color and draw.
The one big update on Grace is that she has to go to an pediatric opthamologist on Wednesday. She has had a stye on her left eye for the last three months. It is not always very noticeable but it has not gone completely away. Dr. H is afraid that we might have to have it cut out. So pray for us next week.