Friday, May 30, 2008

Candy Solves All

On Wednesday Grace and I had a very scary experience. I went to Kroger to run in for a quick pick up of two or three items. Grace begged to sit in the back of the cart which I allowed and I put Olivia in her seat in the top part. Being the short person I am I can't really see over Olivia. I was backing up the cart in the parking lot and the same time Grace began to stand up. YES she flow out and landed on her head/face. It scared me to death to see her laying on her face on concrete. I calmly picked her up, looked for blood or bones and then comfort her for a few minutes. Once inside an employ gave her a sucker which dried up the tears right away. By the time we got to the soccer fields she was still pitiful so I gave her chocolate candy. Candy makes everything better.

You can see some of the redness on the side of her face. It went away in just a few short hours, but she still has a knot on that side of her head.


Pete Wilson said...

Oh my gosh...that is funny!

Hope said...

Bless her heart and yours!!! She is so right though, candy does make it all better :)!