Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

This weekend was extremely busy. Here is a little of what it looked like:
Friday night
5:45 pick up a babysitter for Gracie
6:30 youth counselor meeting for me
7:00 adult men's soccer game for Chad
9:00 all home showers and pack up bags for the next day

4:30am Olivia wakes up for the day
5:15 start getting ready to leave for the soccer tournament in Gainsville
5:45 wake up Grace WAY to early to leave
7:45 arrive at the fields and stay there till 2:00
3:00 go to an outdoor concert in Buford to watch some of our youth sing
6:00 eat dinner on the way home
7:00 finally get home shower, Chad runs errands, pack up for the next day
8:00 Grace and Olivia are asleep
10:00 Chad and I are asleep

6:15 wake to get ready for another soccer day
8:00 arrive in Gainsville
11:00 leave Gainsville due to the boys losing the game :(
12:00 eat lunch and take naps till 4:30
4:45 go to youth group...our last thing for the weekend!!!

Daddy showing off his moves
How sweet is that...she loves her daddy
Grace wanted to "jump jump", but this is the first time she went down the slide by herself...and her last.
Grace and Chad enjoyed playing of the playground at the outdoor concert.

Grace had enough and fell asleep on daddy before 8pm on Sunday night.

Here is our lab we got back in September. Hasn't she grown! She will be one next month and is such a sweet and pretty girl. She still has A LOT of puppy in her. We have just started really training her and she is doing a great job. Grace likes her put is still always on guard in fears that she may get knocked down.