Thursday, May 29, 2008

Three Months Old

She is three months old!!! I can't believe Olivia is three months old. She is such a sweet girl and we continue to enjoy every minute of her. She has now rolled over a couple of times. I still am not sure she meant too or even knows she did it but none the less she has rolled both stomach to back and back to stomach. She continues to sleep in a swing majority of the time but is finally starting to sleep in the pack-n-play and crib. She is a good sleeper...she goes down between nine and ten at night and sleep till anywhere between four and six in the morning, eats for a few minutes and then goes back to sleep. She takes several cat naps during the day plus one long nap from about one to four. I feel very blessed I get that time when everyone is sleeping. She still eats about every three hours during the day. Olivia is a little motor mouth cooing and squealing at us. She has found her hands and loves to suck on the back of her hand. She continues to love her paci. She likes playing on the floor on her back and a little on her tummy. Her head control is getting better and better each day. She can hold her head up on her tummy for a minute of so now. She loves water and we are excited about our first beach trip with her at the end of June.