Friday, March 14, 2008

Two Weeks

Today Olivia is two weeks old. It's amazing how fast these first two weeks have been. Olivia is a joy to have in the house. She is starting to smile (and I don't think they are all gas smiles), she especially smiles when Grace is holding and talking to her. She is a pretty good sleepier at night. She usually gets a fed around 10 then sleeps for four or five hours, then again for about three. But we have of course had the nights of two hour feedings and tummy gas that won't let her sleep. She is another spit up kid, I think she might just beat Grace on how much she can spit up. (Good thing I know someone who makes cute burp clothes) She likes to be held up on your shoulder and lay right under your neck. She hates getting her diaper and clothes changed. During the day she is eating two to three ounces every two hours.

What I have learned in the last two weeks:
  • The bond with Olivia happens automatically

  • You really can love the second as much as the first

  • Chad has been awesome to have at home for two weeks

  • How hard it can be for one to breastfeed

  • It's not an easy task not picking up your two year old

  • Grace is an excellent big sister

  • How many places a kitchen chair can go so that Grace can see and help with everything

  • Chad has a really sweet voice talking to a newborn

  • How awesome our friends and family are

  • Dinners brought into the house are even more helpful with two little ones

  • How nice it is to get out of the house

  • How hard it is to find time to get into the shower

  • Afternoon naps are the BEST

I'm glad you all checked out the girls newborn pictures in the last post. I think most of you were right. In both pictures it is Olivia first and then Grace.


Rauscher Family said...

I am so glad to hear you all are doing well. I gets even more fun as they get older together. Mackenzie is crawling and follows Ethan everwhere and fights for everything he has. Atleast Ethan likes to share and feeds her everything he has. Fun Times. Rauscher Family