Sunday, March 09, 2008

Catch Up

Let me catch you up on the last couple of days at The Maddox house. Friday we took Olivia back to the pediatrician for a weight check. Unfortunately she not gained any weight since that previous Tuesday. (Still at 8lb 7oz) So as of Friday we have been supplementing her with formula as well as her breastfeeding. We had to do the same thing when Grace was born. Dr. H just thinks that because my babies are so big they need extra calories at the beginning. We have another appointment on Tuesday to make sure she has gained weight. Say a little pray for us that she is gaining.
Grace is enjoying helping feed Olivia.
On Friday my mom left and we are so thankful for everything she did for us in the past week. We are even extra thankful that she took Grace home with her on Friday night to give Chad and I an extra little break.
Friday night we went out to dinner with the Lea's to celebrate LeaRoy's birthday and then went to daddy's indoor soccer game. I had been feeling a little off the whole day but during the game I starting to get chills and feeling really bad. When I got home I had a fever of 101.7. I called the on call doctor and found out I have mastitis, a bacterial infection. Thankfully they called me in an antibiotic. By the time I took painkillers and the antibiotic I was a new women.
On Saturday Olivia and I took a long trip to Jesup county for daddy's boys soccer game. It was cold but we were bundled up and Olivia slept through it all.
On Sunday we took the girls to church and then had a lazy day around the house.
Grace is helping take care of Olivia while we are getting ready for church. I actually got a picture with one of her smiles.
Look at those eyes...I love the way she looks at our faces now.
My mom made this cool sling. Olivia loved being in it for the first time.

Chad is home again most of this week. YEAH!