Monday, March 03, 2008

First full day home

Oh, What A Night!!! It was a GREAT first night home. We were all tired. Grace went down first and then Olivia was feed at 9 pm, wrapped like a burrito and put to bed. Chad and I turned in right after her. At 3 am I woke up, asked Chad to check on Olivia b/c she had been asleep so long. She was fine, snoozing away. At three we decided to wake her, change her and feed her. She was awake off and on for the next three hours and then went back to sleep at 6:30 and slept till 9:30 am. If anybody would of told me that my newborn would sleep six hours straight the first night, I would of just laughed at them. But it was awesome and we all got much needed rest!

Today has been an awesome day! I am not as sore, so I am taking less medicine and feeling more human. Olivia has been great and going with the flow of our house. It has been a beautiful day so we have been playing outside with Hudson.

We did have to say good-bye to Aunt KK and Hudson this afternoon. They are going back home to South Carolina. We will miss them BIG time and are so blessed and thankful for everything they have done for our family the last few days.

Chad took some great pictures of the kids outside today. I promise more of Olivia coming soon!

We have two of these really big woodpeckers in the backyard. They are so cool looking!
Grace is doing a great job being a big sister. Below she is helping me burp Olivia.