Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Exciting days behind us

The last few days have been rather eventful for the Maddox family. We started the past weekend normal by going to Chad's soccer game in Douglasville and then hanging around the house. But after we went to bed on Saturday night I started to have extreme stomach pains. I took three ibuprofen and slept in off for a few hours. Around six in the morning it came back again. The pain was in my upper stomach and middle back. I finally told Chad that I was giving up and to take me to the ER. The girls were loaded up and we all headed to Eastside Medical. I was seen pretty quickly and the ER doctor said right away that we thought it was my gallbladder. A few hours later after lab work and ultrasounds it was diagnosed that I had gallstones and my gallbladder needs to be removed. Chad started calling around to get the kids taken care off. My parents came from the lake to take care of them but in the mean time Phil and Jennifer came and got Grace. My surgery was set up for some time on Monday. I was an add on so there was no set time. Monday was a long day of just waiting. Luckily I was not in pain. I guess on Saturday night what had happened is I had gallbladder attacks. To allow them not to occur again I was on a clear liquid only diet until Sunday at midnight and then NO food or water at all till surgery. By the time I went into surgery around 5 on Monday afternoon I was starving!!! The surgery only lasted for twenty to thirty minutes and everything went well. It was laparoscopic surgery so it looks like I was shot by a machine gun all over my stomach. I was able to come home on Tuesday. I have been very sore and have needed help moving around but it is getting better. I have to go back in a week to the surgeon to get more blood work to make sure there weren't any gallstones that launched anywhere else in my body. I pray everything is fine, I am ready for my body to get back to normal.
During all this time Grace also ended up at the doctor with my mom for a cold and pink eye.

Grace getting a sandwich hug from Maw Maw and Paw Paw.

On Sunday morning, as we were dressing the kids to go to the hospital, Olivia's umbilical cord fell off. So last night we were able to give her the first real bath! At first she wasn't to thrilled about it because she was undressed but as soon as she felt the warm water she fell in love. We thought she was going to fall asleep in there a couple of times. She was so alert after the bath and then slept for a good five hours, which Chad and I both needed. Enjoy some of the pictures!

Of course we had our little helper!


Hilary said...

Wow, what a weekend! I'm glad that they figured out quickly that it was gallstones. I'll be praying that the blood work comes back fine. I've had two laparoscopies before, so I can kind of relate. I hope you heal quickly and your health returns to normal soon!

Karen said...

OH my! I'm glad you're home and hope you heal fast!

As for Olivia's bath, I LOVE that grin of hers in the third pic.