Tuesday, March 04, 2008

First Doctors Visit

We took Olivia to her first doctors visit this morning. Dr. H checked her out and weighed her. It was pretty uneventful. Olivia was born at 9lb 1oz, we left the hospital with her weighing 8lb 4oz and today she weighed 8lb 7oz. We will go back on Friday for a recheck on her weight. Which is fine with me, I love seeing how much she weighs! While we were gone Grace had a fun play date at home with Maw Maw. Since they were having so much fun Chad and I ran some errands. I forgot how much easier a newborn is out and about then a two year old!

I finally got some open eyed shots

Here is Olivia with her second mommy. It is really sweet how much Grace
loves to take care of her and hold her.

Can you say YUM! GranMimi and Pops send us this awesome bouquet of fruit. It was so good. I think Grace loved it the most!

Here is Grace playing with Maw Maw. It is such a sweet picture. Maw Maw has been our life saver this week with Grace.