Monday, June 01, 2009

Not Me Monday

My Charming Kids is another blog that I frequently visit.  I decided to participate in "Not Me!"  Monday.  Enjoy!

This past week I did NOT go four days without giving my girls baths.  That would just be gross and I always try to bath them every other day!
I did NOT use a hair dryer and curling brush to dry my 15 month old's hair.  That would just be ridiculous to start that so young.  
Me and my family did NOT eat Mexican three nights last week.  I mean we love Mexican food but three times would just be too much.
I would never take the pajama shirt, that I just took off Grace, and use it to wipe her nose.  That would just be lazy and gross.
We did not buy a new children's pool for the backyard and let Grace get into 50 degree water at 10 o'clock at night in her birthday suit!  No Never!
And we would NEVER take our old iPod and put twenty children's songs on it and give it to our three year old.  What three year old has an iPod?!?!


DeFeo Diary said...

i love it! hysterical. my list is way too long and embarassing to post. i'll have to narrow it down and join the fun one monday. :-)