Tuesday, June 30, 2009

16 Month Olivia

Olivia just turned 16 months old and I am LOVING this age!!! She is full of spunk and just so fun to be around! She is into everything and wants to try everything the big kids do. Today she even helped me carry in grocery bags! She continues to love Gracie but can also hold her own now when Grace is bugging her. She loves to dance, her favorite being the chicken dance. She loves showing off and being the center of attention. During the day I will hear, "mama, mama, mama, mama", over and over again till I look at her. When I finally pay attentions she will start dancing or singing or standing on her head...then grins ear to ear. She loves animals and can spot them out anywhere including commercials. She is a picky eater but loves to feed herself. We have many shirtless dinners. She loves loves loves brushing her teeth. Every morning she comes into my bathroom and repeats the word teeth until I give her the toothbrush. We are still struggling with ear infections. We are on our fourth round of antibiotics in two months. I am ready to outgrow them!