Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day ~ Day at the Lake

I want to wish my number one man a Happy Daddy's Day! I am so blessed to have such an amazing guy to love, care and mentor Grace and Olivia. Not a day passes by that I wonder how much love he has for his girls. I love how excited they both get in the afternoon as they hear Chad drive up from work. Olivia just started saying, "My Dada". And it just melts my heart. Thanks honey for being such a great dad!


Yesterday was spent at Lake Oconee celebrating Father's Day at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's. We were excited about spending a hot day in the water. Heather and Drew (some friends) also came over and spent a few hours with us. It was fun having someone go out on the boat with us and just hang out. I was proud of myself for jumping off a 15 foot rock into the lake as Grace watched. Olivia slept half the day away and Grace was a trooper hanging out with the big people. We had a first...Grace fell asleep standing up on the boat leaning against her daddy. So sweet!
Grace LOVED the waverunner.