Saturday, May 30, 2009

15 Month Olivia

Olivia turned 15 months yesterday!  She is into everything!  She loves playing in cabinets, loves baby dolls and loves anything that Grace is playing with.  She is a climber...climbing on the fireplace, on steps, in/out of the bathtub and is almost able to get on the sofa.  She speaks a lot of gibberish but now only says "real" words if it is in the right content.  She loves animals and points out every dog she sees.   Olivia loves being outdoors and escapes whenever she gets a chance.  She still loves music and now tries to sing her own little songs as she dances.  She is thrilled when her daddy walks through the doors but is a HUGE mama's girl!  She will push Grace off my lap in a heartbeat!  She is walking really well and wishes she could run to keep up with the big kids.  She is following one and two steps commands.  She is so proud of herself when she takes her dirty diapers and throws them away.  She formed another ear infection two weeks ago and I am hoping with the summer here we can stay away from these infections!


Amy Charron said...

Love your new layout and Olivia looks just like you! I love your blog and am a huge follower! Wish I lived closer!

Amy "forsee"

Anonymous said... go girl, your looking great.


Nancy said...

What a sweet girl! She is adorable! Happy 15 months Olivia!