Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Olivia's five months old

Olivia is five months old. She is a HAPPY baby. She is rolling over both ways and loves being on her belly. She pushes up on her arms and pushes her self around in circles and around the room. She tries to sit up but does that fall forward where her belly is between her legs. She loves sleeping on her belly and now even rolls on her side to sleep. When she wakes in the morning she rolls are on her back, plays with her toes and coos til someone comes to get her. (NO...she is still not sleeping all through the night.) She enjoys being around people and really likes watching her big sister play. Olivia likes playing with all her toys and tries how to fit each in her mouth. She giggles if you tickle her in the right place or if Grace is silly with her. She now grabs anything that gets close; Grace's shirt, my hair, drinks or food. Olivia loves to play in her exersaucer and johnny jump up, she is a very active little girl when she is awake. She is on a pretty good routine of two naps a day and a catnap in the evening. But being off schedule doesn't seem to bother her either, she will sleep just about anywhere with any type noise going on. She is eating cereal twice a day and just started baby food this week. So far she has had pears and objection to either. I officially have her off of her GERD medicine for a little over a week now! YEAH! She seems to be doing OK. She still spits up a lot but she is a happy spiter.
She is so funny with her tongue!


Joni said...

Wow, happy anniversary!!