Thursday, June 26, 2008

Photo Shoot

My sister and I are in love with pictures of our children. One night this week we went outside for a photo shoot of our two. Hope you enjoy some of the thousands of photos I am sharing.


Amy said...

I love these shots! We do this also. Madison seems to enjoy posing for the camera (drama queen in the making??) and Carter just tolerates it. You are braver than me, though. Will you ever get the stains out of their white shirts? My kids would have that sucker from head to toe!

Hope said...

Fantabulous pictures :)!!! The kiddos are BEAUTIFUL as always, and the background is amazing as well. These are for sure "frame worthy", of course all of your pics are... You do a great job! Looks like ya'll are having such a good time!

Becki said...

I came across your blog today for the first time (was checking out various Chick-fil-A photos -- how funny). You do some wonderful photography -- then again, you've got gorgeous subjects. ;^)