Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Coupon Girl

I decided in the last few weeks that I could be better with our money. It's not really "our" money anyways, it all belongs to God. So the first place I started out is with grocery shopping and using coupons. I started buying the Sunday paper, cutting out coupons, and reading others blogs on how to use CVS extra bucks.
My first grocery trip was two Sundays ago. I went to Publix and bought for two weeks worth of groceries. I still had to buy little things like milk but that was the majority of stuff I needed for a two week menu. I ended up spending $116 but that was after saving $45 due to just coupons!!! Wow! Why wasn't I doing this before.
Then last week I went to Aldi and bought a couple of gallons of milk for just $2.50 each!
And now was the best trip yet. I transferred a prescription to CVS and got a $25 gift card. I also started a new CVS card and got a $4 coupon. Then when I was in the store I got a $2 coupon off the total coupon.
So I bought....
4 12pk cokes for $11 original $19.96
1 Dove DO for $1.50 original $4.49 on sell for 2.50 plus I had a coupon -$1
1 listern for 3.49 original $3.99
3 reeses wafers for 2.37 original $9.57
1 dove bodywash for 7.39 original 8.39 had $1 coupon
1 paper plates $3.79
1 mt dew drink .89 original 1.39
minus -2 coupon
minus -4 coupon
minus -25 prescription card
I ended up paying .70 out of pocket
Saved $51.20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND I earned $9.49 to spend next time!!!!!!!!

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