Sunday, June 29, 2008

Greg Russell

At the beginning of the week we plan out all the dinners for the week. The first night is always ordering pizza. Then each family choices a menu and fixes dinner one night and then we go out to eat three nights. This year our third night of eating out was a treat, Maw Maw and Paw Paw kept Grace and Hudson so we could each have date nights. Thanks mom and dad.
My favorite night is going to the lighthouse, eating dinner at The Crazy Crab and then letting the kids listen to Greg Russell sing under the tree. I think one of the reason it is so special to me is because I remember going as a kid. Grace enjoyed eating the ice cream and doing a little dance or two.


Hope said...

Love your last name in the sand...and all of your piggies :)! Too cute!!! It sounds as if ya'll had a great vacation!. How nice to spend time with family and get a date night :)!!! Too cool. I love Grace's outfit!

Amy said...

We have some of these same pictures (in front of the lighthouse, by the trees, etc) My kids LOVE Gregg Russell. Carter has been on stage to sing a few times and we have his CD's. Isn't he great? Looks like you had a great trip. 3 weeks until ours and I can't wait!