Monday, June 16, 2008


Yesterday we had Olivia baptized. I am so very thankful for all that shared this special day with us, family that traveled and close friends that lived nearby. It was such a neat day and was so nice to have all our loved ones at the house. Enjoy the pictures...these are just some of the 100's we took.
"How much do you love Aunt KK?"
With Pastor Ben

praying over Olivia
All the family that was in town

with Chad's parents
with my parents
my parents, my sister and our kids

During her party Olivia slept, ate and was held by many...

Learoy and Chad
My sister and her family
The first time Uncle Eric held Olivia

Hudson mowed our lawn several times this weekend
Look how cute my sister is! She is 31 weeks with a c-section set up for August 11th. She is having another boy. I hope Olivia and this little boy are just as sweet to each other as Hudson and Grace.


Hope said...

Awwwwww...your whole family is just so precious...grandparents, sister & family, friends...your kiddos are so lucky to have so many people that love them! Your girls are just beautiful as always, and your nephew is such a cutie as well :)! Love how their clothes always coordinate :). Ya'll are too much :)!

Joanna said...

HI! I found you through Hope but I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your family is. Is your baby on a blanket in the first picture? That is a great back drop for her!!