Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I knew yesterday would be a busy day and father's day would be a little bit of an after thought. Not because Chad or my dad or Chad's dad didn't deserve the best day. They are all terrific men! Chad has become the BEST dad two little girls could ever ask for. Grace looks up to him and wants to be just like him, from the way he holds his glass to playing soccer to mowing the grass. Even though he thinks he is not good with new babies he is wonderful with Olivia. I even heard him explaining to someone this weekend how to hold Olivia a certain way...because that is the way she likes it.
My dad is the BEST! I admire him in how he has grown both his girls to be Godly mom's and wife's. I hope I can teach my girls the same.
To make Chad a special day Grace and I surprised him last Tuesday night with his favorite meal, roast beef casserole and then took him to Home Depot. Once we got to the store we took him to the lawnmower aisle and let him pick a new mower out. I think we finally surprised him with a gift.