Wednesday, February 04, 2009

11 months old

I put off writing this blog because I am in complete denial that Olivia is just a month short of being one.  She is such a mess and into EVERYTHING!  She is completely on table foods and loves it.  She is drinking out of a straw well and loves sweet tea but does not get it very often. Formula is not a favorite and we are lucky to get 16oz in her a day.  She gave up breastfeeding on her own.  When I took her in for the ear infection last week, the doctor suggested to just go ahead and start her on some whole milk.  We now have two teeth on the bottom and it looks as if four more are coming in on the top but they have not come through yet.  She is a great crawler and it takes her anywhere around the house.  She loves to explore and get into anything that she is not suppose to be in.  I never had to really baby proof the house for Grace but this one things sticking your fingers in a light socket it fun.  She just started climbing in the last week and in just a few days has become very good at it.  I have found standing in Grace's chairs, on top of Grace's bed, on the fireplace, just to name a few.  She loves escaping to the bathroom and pulling up on the toilet.  WHY? I don't know.  She loves hanging out with her big sister, following her everywhere and trying to do everything she does.  Olivia is full of words.  She is my little talker....mama, dada, Grace, dog, woof, baba (bottle), hey are words we hear everyday.  But she tries to say everything.  It is really cute hearing some of the words coming out of her mouth.  She signs more to eat, to drink or for more of anything.  She loves to give kisses to everyone except her daddy, we think it is because of his facial hair.  She will smack her lips for a kiss or when she see something good to eat.  She is standing on her own more but does not have the confidence to walk on her own.  She has taken a few steps to me or to transfer to furniture but nothing significant.  She is such a little ham and is full of laughs.  She completes the Maddox household.