Saturday, September 01, 2007


What does a typical Saturday look like with the Maddox's.....

(the only thing missing is a soccer game, but don't worry, it starts next week)

While mom cleaned around the house Grace was playing on her own. When she came around the corner I had to wonder WHAT was on her face. Is this chocolate? Is it poop? NO, it's brown stain from Grace rubbing her mouth on the dining room table. Should I be worried about lead poisoning?

Grace is finally building with her blocks. Instead of concentrating so hard on putting them together she can now play. While daddy is doing morning yard work we are playing inside in t-shirts and shoes. Don't ASK.

For lunch mommy got to go out by herself with girlfriends. Daddy and Grace went to Home Depot and Chick-fli-a before an afternoon nap.

First football Saturday of the season. We are all in GT yellow. GO JACKETS! We shared game time at the Lea's house.

We love to have family time together!