Thursday, August 30, 2007


I have not been very good at taking pictures lately, one reason is because I like taking pictures outside and it has just been to darn hot to do that. But this morning was a overcast day so me and the kids went outside to play. Enjoy the pictures below.

This is one of Gracie's "not happy" looks. I love it!
She loves playing in daddy's pebbles in the backyard.
Daddy hates it.
She loves playing in the sand.

This is a video of Grace and her new laugh. Who did she learn this from?


Anonymous said...


You have a great laugh and it is very becoming because you are becoming more beautiful every day.

Love Ya,


Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures! She is just as cute as she can be. Love y'all!
Auntie Carrie

Anonymous said...

We love you Gracee
We are so excited about new arrival in 190 days!!!!!
Now where did Gracee get that cute laugh. We miss you.

Love Granmimi and Pops