Thursday, August 02, 2007

Our 1 1/2 year old

Grace just turned 18 months old and is still growing like a weed. Last week at the doctor she weighed in at almost 25lb and 33in long, which puts her in the 50% for weight and 90% for height. She is developmentally right where she should be...including her temper tantrums. She is starting to become a good eater again. She loves all fruits, enjoys very little amount of veggies, loves her milk, loves juice (she'd float away if I would let her drink all the juice she wanted), loves snacking on daddy's snacks - fruit chews, candy, etc, and loves anything with marinara sauce. Grace loves to be around others. She enjoys the nursery at church, she is one of the only girls in her class and she shows them who is boss. She really likes going to her daddy's youth events and hanging out with the older kids, it helps that they all love her. She is now running all over the place, she likes for others to chase her around. Grace loves giving her daddy high fives, pounds and E.Ts. (You'll have to ask them to do it next time you see us.) She is in love with her daddy and ask where he is all day. She is starting to get interested in the whole potty thing. And she is now taking off her diaper when she is wet or dirty. I guess we will need to buy a potty for her soon. She is still a good sleeper. She is now officially down to one nap a day, but it's a good three hour nap. And she is sleeping about 11 hours at night. She is absolutely in love with her bunny blanket and her paci. Those are going to be hard habits to break. She continues to repeat new words each day. Every day you will at least hear these words once; bunbun, papi, please, juice, woofwoof, daddy, baby, bye bye, ball, mine, eat and shoes. Her favorite things to play with right now are her baby doll, shopping cart, table and chair set, bus, blocks, shoes, and clothes. She is showing more interest in puzzles, coloring, playing with play-doh but they all need full supervision. She continues to bring sunshine to our house every day!

I love this picture above for two reasons. First... Grace loves flowers, she'll pick flowers and bring them to you all day long. Two...her little legs are crossed, she always sits like that and I love it.This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago by my sister. Isn't she cute?