Monday, September 10, 2007


Today we said goodbye to our sweet dog Erkskin


This was another big weekend. On Friday night we went to the new LHS stadium to watch the football game. Since it was the grand opening they had four sky divers fly in before the game. Grace was SO amazed by everything, she watched everything from the skydivers to the game to the cheerleaders to the band to the people of Loganville.

She was such a good girl and fell into a hard sleep after the game.

On Saturday we went to one of Chad's boys soccer games in Gainsville and then took Grace to her friends Erin's for a spend the night party. Chad and I got a fun night out to see the Carolina/ UGA game. GO GAMECOCKS! We had SO much fun and had the best company.
This is a picture of Grace taking her overnight bag to the car.

On Sunday we continued with our busy schedule with church, another soccer game and youth group.
Hanging out in the cool car before the hot game.
Chad goofing off with the youth.

Some exciting new! On Friday I had a routine doctors appointment. I had a quick ultrasound and saw the baby!!! IT was so cute. It was moving all around. It is amazing in just a few quick weeks between the ultrasounds it went from a little thing that looked like rice to a baby with a head, arms, legs, etc. It was very exciting to see!


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