Thursday, May 31, 2007

16 months old

another picture by Sharma

Grace is now 16 months old. It's amazing how she continues to change. Her hair is starting to get long, she is getting taller, she is losing baby fat, and starting to get a gorgeous summer tan (she has her daddy's skin). She is starting to talk a lot, but we don't really know what she is saying. She says please when she wants something or maybe I should say that she whines when she wants something but then will repeat please after you to get it. She is following simple commands...throw this away, find your shoes, sit down, etc. She has a temper, I keep saying it because she is a girl. She can stomp her feet, scream and cry with that poor pitiful face. Can we hit the terrible twos at 16 months? She is climbing onto everything, with no fear. She has bumps and bruises all over from falling or pulling up on things. She can now run, or run away from you when you need her. Grace loves the TV. Her favorite shows are Little Einstein, Blue's Clues and Sesame Street. She is an awesome sleeper. She is still taking two naps a day unless she wakes up late in the morning. If you ask her if she is ready for night night, she walks to her room and stands in front of her crib waiting for you to put her in.
Last week Grace put the fear into mommy, when she went into the bedroom and locked herself in there. I freaked out looking for one of those little keys. When I got the door open Grace was standing there laughing. I didn't know she could reach the door knob much less turn the lock.
She loves being outside. The heat doesn't bother her at all. She likes to swing, play in her water/sand table, play in the rocks, play in the pool, and take walks.
She now gives a hug along with her open mouth kisses.
We love this little girl to death. She brings joy to everyday!


Anonymous said...

Grace is a beautie and her cousin, Mr. Hudson, so handsomel!!!!! I know
your parents are on cloud nine!
Kathy Slaton

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhh, Sweet Sixteen and already kissed a lot. Amy, give her one more from me.