Monday, June 04, 2007

Laser Show

On Sunday night we took the middle school youth to Stone Mountain Park to watch the laser show. We got to the park a couple hours early to have a picnic and play on the lawn. Grace had a really good time hanging out and eating everybodies junk food. Once the laser show started she took turns sitting in our laps and watching the show until she fell asleep.

The adults playing games
Andy, Chad, Learoy, Matt, Sharma, and Traci
Grace and mommy watching the train
Grace and Mr. Phil
Grace and Amanda
I have No Idea...she was trying to wear everyones shoes, this one seemed to fit her somehow.
Grace and Learoy hanging out.
Grace and her glow in the dark necklace.

Close your eyes and don't watch...this is why I have grey hairs.


Anonymous said...

How fun! Give that sweetie a kiss for me.
Can't wait for the beach next week.
Love, Auntie Carrie