Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I read a children book recently titled "Let me Hold you Longer" by Karen Kingsbury. It is a book that reminds you to not just old on to all the first (first steps, first words...) but the "lasts" as well. Which made me start to think. (I know, I had to start thinking at some point in my life right.) Do we really see all the first our kids do? It is so nice to have a little child and to see the world again through her eyes. To see new animals, the moon, the ocean, new people, new colors... To see the excitement in their eyes and to see all that God has created.

At this point in Grace's life it is hard to see all her lasts, even though I know there are some. The last time she took a bottle, the last time I could cradle her in my arms, the last coo, the last time she tumbled over from trying to sit up, the last time she spit up. But I can watch out and look for all those first...

first sip of water out of the backyard hoes

not a prefect one, but first ponytail

first licks off of the mixer beater


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness- I love that cute little pony tail!

Aunt KK