Saturday, May 12, 2007

Relay for Life

Last night the Maddox family walked in Gwinnett County Relay for Life on the "Janie's Red Hot Chili Peppers" team. We missed Janie, but we will walk with her again next year. It was so much fun and Grace was the best one year old out there. Even after no afternoon nap (and yes I tried to put her down for an hour) she was on her best behavior. Thank you to each who donated to this great cause. We raised $285 as a family.
This is how Grace spent must of her night, on daddy's back. Thank you Hudson for letting us borrow it. If you look closely you will see a strike of lightning behind Chad. We had several storms around us but only received a few sprinkles at the fairground.
Grace enjoying a sucker. She really enjoyed all the special treats out there; people dressed up, balloons, food, items that light up, beads and everyone talking to her.
Awesome friends Chad with some of his youth.
Poor Grace got mommy's hair. As soon as it went humid her hair started to curl up. Mrs. Debbie, make sure you look closely at her shirt.
Friends from church.
FINALLY...11:00 pm