Thursday, May 10, 2007

I love to scrapbook, but since Grace was born I have only spent a tops of three days working on one. I am hoping my blogs will help me organize Grace's scrapbook when I finally get around to it. It will also explain why I post so frequently.

Grace just looked SO cute yesterday that I had to get some pictures in.

This was right after Chad got home from work. I love how as soon as she sees him she makes a bee line right into his arms. I think the way she is looking at him is just so sweet.

This is a picture of Grace holding her bunny. She has been sleeping with this bunny since she was about five months old.Sshe has slowly shown more interest in it. I try to leave it in her crib when nap time is over but she now wants to carry it around and hug on it.

You can't see her face, but she has a paci in and she is holding bunny. This morning she went to her crib and pulled out both items through the slabs. She then went to the wagon, climbed in, signed "night night" and then laid down. I thought it was funny.