Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update on the Maddox's

The Maddox family is going awesome!  Chad started a job on Monday!  God is good and faithful to us.  Chad found a job that is so much better then the last.  Continue to pray through the transition of a new job and mom at home by herself again.  It's hard getting back into a routine when you have had help for the last two and half months!  
The girls are great.  Olivia's personality is cute as a bug and she is enjoying life as a toddler.  Grace continue to be a sassy, sneaky, sweet girl.  I have post some recent pictures below of the the girls.  Please ignore the quality of the picture.  My camera has been acting up...having the bang it five times to turn on and the auto focus is not working...but my sweet family gave me a new camera for my birthday yesterday!  So rest assure new pictures coming soon!!!
Love the girls in matching outfits!

When I went to go get Olivia out of the crib yesterday morning this is what I found.  Too cute!  Grace has learned how to climb in the crib.  Olivia loves it and even gives big hugs away to her!
Grace has been busy at school.  She still loves to go and bring home all sort of cute art projects.  Only a few more weeks to summer break.