Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Picture Overload

Having a new camera and the cutest kids in the world...I have posted a blog with pictures galore. Enjoy!

The first three pictures were taken yesterday of my sweet sick baby.  She had a fever of 103.  I took her to the doctor today to find out she has a double ear infection.  Thank goodness for antibiotics.

You know she doesn't feel well when she lays on the sofa and falls asleep on her own.  Poor baby!
Grace with a hose and a Labrador retriever equals a wet fun mess!

YES...I even like to match the kids pj's.  Don't you wish you looked as cute as Grace when you wake up in the morning?
Love the crossing of the legs while sleeping.  The cutest feet ever!
After a long day of soccer in the heat with no naps, the girls needed their mommy in the backseat to cheer them up.  We ended up having the best time singing, dancing and taking pictures!
Grace's pouty face.
Olivia's "cheese" face.

Somebody found out she likes doughnuts!

Grace took her bible, went outside and read it, sitting on the window.  What a sweet girl!


Steve & Nancy said...

your girls are sooooooo cute!!! what kind of camera did you get?? looks like it takes wonderful photos! great job!