Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Updates on the girls

Last week Grace got into the pantry and pulled out the Curious George band-aids. Of course, I didn't see her in the pantry or placing the band-aids on her body. But she was very proud that she placed two on her shoulder and one on her arm. Chad and I tried to talk her into taking them off all weekend with no luck...and honestly I just didn't think it was a fight worth fighting, I mean, what is so wrong about wearing band-aids on your body. Then on Monday the two on her shoulder fall off. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I guess we had a little reaction to the band-aids. That will teach us all a lesson.

On a HAPPY note, Olivia has slept through the night the last two nights!!!! Yeah me! I hope the pattern continues...eight thirty till seven, not to shabby.


KeissFamily said...

OMG!! You weren't lying, that looked awful!! Poor Gracie :(