Sunday, November 02, 2008

More Fall Fun

On Saturday we got invited to a fall festival at the Moore's house. The Moore's have a son that has been playing on Chad's soccer team for a couple of years now. They lived an awesome piece of land and had so much fun for the little kids. Grace had a blast! Chad and I had a blast just hanging out with the family for a view hours.

Some older girls were face painting kids faces. They had a poster of different things they could paint. Grace wanted to be a kitty!

They had goats, pigs, rabbits and chickens for the kids to see.

Grace loved the rabbits. She wanted to pick them all up.

And she wanted to feed them grass.

Olivia did not like all the animals. She is like this with our dog too. Coba is fun to watch from afar but don't get to close.

Grace took this picture of the pigs all by herself...I didn't even have to crop it.

Grace loved jumping on the balls, she even thought it was fun to fall off.
After the Moore's house we had a soccer game and then we went to Discover Mills for dinner and to walk around. Grace was one tired Kitty!


Anonymous said...

Good looking cowgirls and also cute as kittens. Good Stuff.