Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trick or Treat

Both of the girls were cowgirls this year. It is not how it was originally planned...I found Olivia a cowgirl hat about a month ago and just couldn't resist buying it. We thought we were going to make Grace a "rock star" but the night we went to Party City she requested to be a cowgirl. Easy enough! And they did look so cute.

If Grace is in the mood she loves getting her picture taken. She now poses which cracks me up. She also loves taking pictures of us. I am thinking a camera might be a good Christmas idea.

Halloween day was a blast. We went to Walmart in the morning, where some staff were dressed up and handing out candy. After naps we made pumpkin cookies. Grace helped me make dinner then we took some pictures outside. At this point of the night it is not dark enough to go trick or treating but Grace was ready to go. She sat in the wagon for a good 15 to 20 minutes trying to talk me into going out early.
Daddy worked late since it was the last day of the month, so the girls and I started on our own. The wagon was a must for me to tote them around. Grace rode for the first house or two then didn't want back in the rest of the night. Grace was a little anxious about going to the doors. She would ask me to hold her hand while she rang the doorbell or knocked on the door. But as soon as the door would open she would say "trick or treat" and then tell them "thank you". She was so polite and I was so proud of her. Daddy did join us after work and we were out for about two hours! Grace did awesome and kept asking to go to more houses. If the house looked creepy she would tell us she didn't want to go to that house b/c it was TOO scary!
Olivia did awesome and stayed in the wagon the whole time. She did transform into a bear when it got cold. When neighbors came up to talk to her she would do her little dance and grin.
For the last few house Gracie wanted to be held. She told daddy he was her horse and she actually told him to "giddy up".
Olivia drifted off to sleep right before we got home. Notice she is holding on to a little bag of candy.
As soon as we got home the three of us emptied out all the candy to sort through it. Grace was so sweet and made sure her daddy and I had some. She has such a soft little heart. She does love her candy and we did have to place it high on a shelve so she doesn't help herself 24/7.
After trick or treating we headed to a birthday party for an hour and then to our youth Halloween party. It was a late night but the girls did great and we had so much fun!