Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Night

Grace was a pumpkin princess for Halloween. She was not real happy about putting the custom on, but once I got it on her and she saw herself in the mirror she did awesome. We went as a family to The Orchard and went trick-or-treating with the youth group. Grace LOVED getting candy. She kept telling her daddy, "more candy". She would knock on the door, say, "trick treat", say "welcome", and then exclaim "CANDY" as she walked away. I got one blurry picture of her trick or treating but that's it. I hope everyone had a great evening.

She is watching a airplane.

Erin and Grace
My pumpkin in her own little pumpkin patch.
Some of our youth group.
Grace and her Elmo pumpkin.

Grace would not let go of her candy.
We went by Aidan's house. Isn't he a cute elephant?

Grace looking at all her candy in her Halloween Pj's.
Yes, that is three suckers in her mouth at one time. She doesn't play around with candy!


Anonymous said...

She is so darn cute!! I just wish we could have gone trick or treating together!! Glad y'all had fun.
Love, Carrie