Sunday, October 28, 2007

Exciting Weekend

Saturday we went to our first pumpkin carving party. It was Grace's first experience with the inside of a pumpkin. She is such a girl and did not like the guts! We had a wonderful time with other families from our church and hope to do it again next year.

If you can't see's a bat!

Daddy is so funny.

Grace had fun playing with the tools

Every bodies pumpkin together.

All the kiddos together. Did you notice that Grace is the ONLY girl?

The pumpkins once it got dark. How fun!

Today we went to Abby's 1st birthday party. Abby is one of my good friends little girl. Grace and Abby are exactly nine months apart. That seems like a big age difference now but as they grow I am sure it will not seem so big.
Happy Birthday Abby!

Daddy and Gracie watching everything.
Grace wanted a front or front back row view of Abby opening presents.

Grace held up these bloomers and said, "COOL"!