Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Grace is now four

I can't believe I now have a four year old. Grace turned four and is just as precious as she was at age one. I still pick her up and love on her and snuggle her on the sofa. She is in love with both mommy and daddy equally. You never know which one she will want each night. She always wants to know what is going on. At night she ask where we are going the next day and who is coming over. AND, she will hold you to your word. She is still shy around new or unfamiliar people. But at home she is talkie and alive. I often wonder what personality they see at school. Grace is still loving school and we couldn't be more blessed with the teachers she has this year. She has learned SO much this year and continues to be a little sponge. She surprises me with everything she retains. For example she has been taught at school what an author and illustrator are and she can tell you. Never thought a three year old class would be learning that. Gracie loves to write! We had fun this past week making her valentine cards. She wrote all her classmates names and her own name on each, and of course added stickers. Grace can identify all her letters and the sounds must of them make. She can tell you her full name, the month of her birthday and her home address. She knows the pledge to the allegiance and loves singing songs when she is in the mood. She loves to cut out objects and takes great care coloring within the lines. Grace is a wonderful big sister and I can't wait to see how she is with the baby coming this summer. She does have moments that she is irritated, annoyed, mad and we are still working on how to control emotions. She likes to be in control around her sister and friends. I can see her being a great leader one day...not sure if all her friends enjoy it right now. :) Gracie has become a great helper at home cooking, doing laundry, helping Olivia get dressed, carrying in groceries, vacuuming, etc. But as must normal kids...she HATES cleaning her own room. She is such a sweetie to me, closing my door, asking me if I am ok, giving hugs and kisses all day and tries to make me smile if I am having a bad day. I just love this little girl to death!

I took Grace to the doctor yesterday for her four year check up. She weighed in at exactly 35 pounds and was 41 1/2 inches tall. It puts her in the 50% for weight and 90% for height. She continues to show is is going to be tall. She had her finger pricked and did awesome, had a hearing test, vision test and four shots. Being the shy girl she is, she did not do well answering the shapes for the vision test, so we will make an appointment in the next few months to the eye doctor. And because of her large tonsils and ear infections at a late age we will be going tomorrow to get x-rays of her anodes. But other then that she did awesome and looked good. She did get scared when the shots came and she even tried to hide her legs. But after the initial shock she only cried for about two minutes and hasn't complained since!