Friday, January 08, 2010

Snow Day

One more reason to love living in Georgia! You receive 1/4 inch of snow and the schools close down. Luckily Grace and Olivia didn't know how good it could of been. They both woke up excited about the snow, especially Grace. She woke asking to go outside to make a snow angel. There seriously was not enough snow to make a snowball but luckily enough to make that snow angel. It was COLD! Like 18 degrees but felt like less with the wind chill. But we bundled up in several layers of clothes and went outside before nine o'clock. The girls loved it!

Olivia tried making an angel. She couldn't get her arms going.
She kept trying to pick up snow.
But because of all her layers would end up on her belly.
Happy girls!

If this was a video you would hear and see the girls marching around the yard making tracks in the snow and singing a song they made up about the snow.
They are racing!
Breakfast when we came back chocolate and marshmallows.
Then a HOT bubble bath!
I love snow days.


Mommy said...

Wish we had snow days in AZ! Never going to happen...ha! So the photos!