Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Program

Last night was Grace's Christmas program at school. We weren't sure what to expect from Grace...last year she just stood on stage. But this year she shined. She sand every word of every song and was SO proud of herself. I don't have any great pictures of her on stage but you can see from the picture below how into it she was.

Olivia was a mess! She kept pointing to the stage and saying "me". They better watch out for next year, she might take over the stage.
She did not stay still the whole night and was showing off to anyone who would watch.
Grace had "all her people" there to watch. (those were Grace's words)

I hadn't asked Heather and Drew to come b/c I didn't want to bore them with our night, but Grace woke up yesterday requesting for them to come see her sing. In fact, when I picked her up from school yesterday she asked me if I had called Heather. I am so thankful for these two people, to come watch a preschool program just to support and make my little girl happy!

This little girl loves her Paw Paw!!!