Thursday, August 20, 2009

Awesome Family Day

Family time is more priceless for us now that we are back into the grind of things. A little of our week looks like this...daddy goes to work each day from 8-5, mommy keeps kids in the house 7-5, Chad refs on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, Chad coaches soccer on Tuesday and Thursday nights, Chad plays soccer on Friday nights, Chad's boys plays games on Saturday (the girls and I follow him around to all his soccer stuff), Sunday is church in the morning and youth in the evening and then thrown into all that is finding time to grocery shop, birthday parties, wedding showers, baths time, dinner (don't laught...some nights it is hard to find time to eat and bathe) etc. SO...when we find time for the four of us, we just soak it up. This past Saturday we ran errands together all day and ended up at the Mall of Georgia walking around, eating dinner and enjoying an outdoor concert.


Anonymous said...

Grace has turned into a great artist. She did a great job om Mimi but she didn't give me any hair.....let her know I still have a couple or three.

Love All,