Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a great Halloween this year despite the rain. We had our first trick or treat party. We had great company and I had a great time preparing all the fun Halloween food. The kids got some great candy and we were able to get out in between rain storms. Grace was a rock star after her favorite Disney character Hannah Montana and Olivia was a frog. I had thought about dressing Olivia as something different b/c I couldn't find a green shirt or pants to go underneath her outfit but she was in love with the frog costume! They both enjoyed trick or treating. Grace had a great time hanging out with Heather and went to all the doors on her own (other then the scary house). When it started raining she asked to go home, which surprised me a little (and then found out later that night that she had an ear infection which explained why she wanted to go home). Olivia wanted to be a big kid SO bad. She walked on her own but would slow down the group so we put her in the wagon or I held her 50% of the time. She caught on to getting candy door to door right away. In fact, we caught her eating candy in between houses. What a GREAT evening we had. It is a true blessing to enjoy holidays with kids!

Grace helping decorate and get ready for friends. She put out all the spiders.
My famous rock star!
Sing it girl!!!

My little froggie.

Drew and Heather

Olivia and Danica

Mary Ellen and myself
Heather and Grace
Trick or Treat


Mommy said...

How fun to have a Halloween party! I love parties..ha! You knew that I'm sure :) The costumes were adorable as always!