Thursday, April 26, 2007

15 months

Today Grace is 15 months old. Every month has been my favorite month. She continues to try to imitate people around her. She loves to climb. She has figured out she can push certain toys against furniture to climb onto. She has a few words that she says ALL the time; MA (loves to scream it at the top of her lungs), dada, dog, ball, baby, hey and voom (for car). She is trying others words like Hudson, up, hello etc. She has the gibberish talk when "reading" books and "talking" on the phone or either someone has been teaching her another language. She is almost running, Grace and Erin love to chash each other around the house. She has had her first skinned knee from just walking down the sidewalk. She is tanning nicely from being at the soccer fields, she has her daddy's skin. Today we made a trip to the doctors for our check-up. She weighs 22lbs 8ozs in the 50th percentile and was 32 inches tall in the 90th percentile. She continues to grow like a weed.