Wednesday, March 28, 2007

14 Months

Grace turned 14 months this week. She continues to be a load of fun. She is walking everywhere and trying to run. She had two more teeth pop through this weekend to make it a total of six. You would think she would have more because of the food she eats. Although lately she has become very picky. I can't even narrow down what she will not eat because it changes from day to day. But it could be because she has been sick this past week with a ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. Grace loves other kids and loves to try to interact with them. Her new trick is tickling. It is so sweet to watch her go up and tickle someone, she laughs harder then they do. Gracie loves to me outside. Any chance she gets and she is out the door. She will walk around the front yard waiting for daddy to get home or walk around the soccer fields trying to find him. Grace loves her daddy. He knows how to play rough with her and how to freak out her mommy in the process. Grace is a good player during the day. She will play with anything, she played with a plastic grocery bag for thirty minutes the other day. She is learning that there are strangers around and will cling to mommy or daddy until she gets used to someone new. But then there are other people that are around all the time that she will go start to. She is definitely a girl...because she has a sassy side to her. As she does something she is not suppose to do she will look over her shoulder, look straight at you and shake her head no. Or if you go to take something away, she will walk as fast as she can to get away from you. She now imitates almost everything you do. Daddy fed the dog from the table the other night, so now Grace thinks she needs to feed all her food to the dog.
If you ask Grace is she is pretty she will shake her head yes...that sums up Grace in a nutshell...PRETTY...on the outside and in....or at least her mommy and daddy think so.


Anonymous said...

Please tell Grace that I know exactly how she feels.........When someone ask me if she is Pretty, I shake my head up and down, just like she does.

Love, Pops

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures. I love my little "Gracie Face!!"