Saturday, January 27, 2007

She is one years old!

It's hard to believe I am posting a blog letting you know about Grace at twelve months. We waited so long for Grace to be born and now a whole year has flown by. Grace is such our little miracle and this past year has been awesome for us.
Grace is becoming such a sweet little girl. She has her moments of being stubborn and letting you know when things don't go her way, but she is a really is a good girl.
She starting walking this month. It started as two or three steps and can now ago about a dozen. She will even push your hand away so that she can do it by herself. She has that frankenstein walk, it's so cute.
She is trying to talk more. She can say bubbles, Paw Paw, and her own version of Love You and baby. Grace has learned more signs...night night, bunny, paci (yes she still has it), milk.
Her fourth tooth came in a few weeks ago. And she is now completely on table food! NO more baby food! Grace is giving up her formula and drinking whole milk. Just in the last few days she is going to bed with no milk at all. She now has been off a bottle for two months. She loves to sip on water with a splash of juice during the day through a straw.
This past week she got her first BIG cold. I took her to the doctor on Tuesday worried about the cough, just to be told that it is "just a cold".


Anonymous said...


Okay, enough of that kissing around stuff. You've only known the guy for a year. Beautiful as always......Happy Birthday.