Monday, November 27, 2006

Ten Months Old

We are now in the double digits! Her daddy is loving this age and the personality that comes with it. She is becoming such a little ham. Grace knows when all eyes are on her and how to please a crowd. She is starting to take a few steps on her own every once in a while, but the best form of transport is still crawling. She can fly across the room now. As soon as you turn your back she is gone. She is trying to communicate more with us. She can say DaDa, hey, duck and dog. She is signing "more" and "finished". Grace is now waving bye bye at the appropriate times and finishes with blowing a kiss. Still not saying mama, hopefully one day soon.


Anonymous said...

I look at this website once a week and I must say that you guys have a beautiful little girl and you are so blessed. You guys have such a happy baby girl and it comes from great parents.

Tina & Jake Maddox